The Big Trip across Kamchatka


  • Climbing Gorely volcano
  • Visiting active crater of Mutnovsky volcano
  • The Famous Kamchatka fishing and rafting
  • Hiking without backpacks. You’ll be brought to the foot of the volcano by the help of panel truck (A panel truck brings your backpacks to the foot of the volcano)
  • Seeing sea animals during the cruise in Russkaya bay
  • Staying for four nights in a tent
  • Staying for five nights in a camp
  • There is a cook on the route
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Checking all our tourists' review we have made a conclusion that almost nobody understands how to prepare for visiting such unpredictable region as Kamchatka, what equipment is necessary to bring with you, what gear our company provides.

In order to make your trip comfortable we created equipment guide for you.

In PDF file there are all the recommendations for the equipment you will need to have for our tours.

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Get equipment guide

Feedback from participants of “Big Trip across Kamchatka”

Hitrova Tamara

I was in Kamchatka from 2 to 9 of July. Amazing impressions! Kamchatka attracts by its beauty, nature power and unusual cheerful people. It is very difficult to leave this beauty of nature. So I want to come back again and again. Everybody must visit KAMCHATKA.  

Elena Ehrnandes

Thank you very much for such a wonderful journey:)

We are indeed lucky to have a pretty weather! Trekking, helicopter sightseeing trip, raftng had been well done, as we planned.

We had a chance to see the whales during the boat trip. They were swimming around the boat for about 20 minutes.

Now we will persuade everyone to go to Kamchatka!  

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