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Comfort <br> tours

Our company is only engaged in conducting of comfort tours. We book comfortable hotels (while paying attention to ratio Price/Quality). The price of multi-day tour includes cook’s services, so after returning to the camp the dinner will be already cooked.

Our <br> staff

Guides, assistants and cooks live in Kamchatka. We do not accept season guides from another region, because they may be not ready for the extreme situations because of lack of terrain knowledge. We pay our staff one of the highest salary rates in tourism industry, so we work only with the best workers.

Guaranteed <br> traveling date
traveling date

We work under conditions of an agreement, which means that a tour will be conducted not depending on the number of the participants in a group. We get non-refundable prepayment, but at the same time we are responsible for the conduction of the promised itinerary.

Large work <br> experience
Large work

We are working since 2010, while some our guides have an experience of 20 years in tourism industry. We work with foreign tourists from all over the word. Some groups can include Russian, as well as foreign tourists.

Contact us <br> at any time
Contact us
at any time

Two offices: the head office is located in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky city, the second one is located in Saint-Petersburg, so that we can answer you quickly at any convenient time.

Real video <br> reviews
Real video

After the end of the tour we take real video reviews with our participants of tours which are impossible to fake. There are already a lot of reviews which you can watch on the page of . Review.

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Our team

Vladimir Victorovich
Vladimir Victorovich
Vladimir Victorovich is our chief guide. He has an experience in work with tourists over 30 years. He knows all the secret paths and the most stunning places in Kamchatka.
Lilia is our most cheerful guide. She has an experience in work with tourist groups more than 10 years. She is working with foreign guests.
Anatoly is our guide and driver of “Delica” vehicle. He often meets tourists at the airport. He works for such major directions as Gorely, Mutnovsky, Avachinsky and Vachkazhez volcanoes.
Denis is our guide of vehicle and trekking trips. He is a sportsman taking part in winter cross-country skiing marathons every year. His major direction is Lake Kuril.
He accompanies groups of summer hiking tours, as well as winter tours, such as: freeride, heli-ski, snowmobile trips. He is also interested in accompanying small private groups.
Sea is his style. He can manage any floating means. He can easily navigate using the compass and stars.
Vera is our photograph and video-operator – eyes of our company. You can often meet her on your routes in this summer.
He presents our company on the Internet.

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