Video testimonials - 96 reasons to visit Kamchatka

We walked through Kamchatka with large number of people, but we thought of the tourist reviews just now. Therefore, if you have been with us on the peninsula, write your impressions of the trip, for example in the form of the report about the trip to Kamchatka, or simply as a review of the tour with the photos. It will help people to choose where to spend their vacation, focus their attention on Kamchatka and in some way help to develop tourism in Russia. After all, in our country a lot of corners, those people don’t even think, preferring to spend their holiday in the hot countries. But how many new emotions you can get here!

Therefore, we will be very glad to receive your comments and reports about tours to Kamchatka! If possible, near the story we will post a link to the tourist’s social networks, so if you want you can learn about their impressions and personally contact with the person. Sent your reports to the e-mail:

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