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Lilia Grishina

Chief guide

She was born and grew up in Ust-Kamchatsk city, Kamchatka peninsula. Since childhood she used to read a lot about adventures and journeys and her dream was to visit the most interesting places and faraway lands. Passion for reading grows into a passion for hiking and tourism. She admires striking nature of Kamchatka and she regrets a little that she has never tried to express this beauty and her perception of the world through a canvas by means of brushes, paints and palette.

She is a qualified guide. She occupies herself with summer and winter multi-days tours of the 1-2 level of complexity, logistics of tours, trips and supervises the guides’ work in our company. She has been all over Kamchatka. She knows many beautiful corners of Kamchatsky krai.

Chief guide

Vladimir Victorovich

A large experience in hikes around Kamchatka since the USSR. Also, he has an experience in working at emergency department in our unpredictable region.


Igor Germanovich

He accompanies groups of summer hiking tours, as well as winter tours, such as: freeride, heli-ski, snowmobile trips. He is also interested in accompanying small private groups.



She is a qualified medic, a guide in Kamchatka and a musher. She enjoys hiking, cross-country skiing and mushing (sledding and skijoring). She actively takes part in competitions and performances for riding sports teams in the class D - 2 dogs (Alaskan Malamute) and discipline of skijoring 1-2 dogs (Norwegian sports (Scandinavian hound)). She has 2 sports categories for riding sports. She is a multiple participant and winner of the competition "Bystrinsky sprint", "Yelizovsky sprint", "championship of the Kamchatka Territory for riding sports", "Beringia" and many others. She is a talented and promising young athlete. Her dream is to take part in the qualifying race "Kalevala". She is engaged in training dogs and equipping of them.

Kamchatka Local guide


He lives in Kamchatka since childhood. He loves this region, its unique nature and people.

He is keen on cross-country skiing and riding a snowmobile. He is engaged in sports tourism (summer and winter (ski) multi-days tours of 3-4 categories of complexity).

He’s been all over Kamchatka thanks to hikes and tours: he climbed of the volcanoes, rafted the river, hiked to monuments of nature and to hot springs. He likes complex, sports routes. He is our tour guide.



He is our guide, sportsman, activist and strong fellow. He takes part in winter Mutnovsky cross-country ski marathon every year.

He is a vegetarian with his own vision of world.

KamchatkaLand team


He has been surrounded by boundless spaces of the north tundra, ways of aboriginal Kamchatkan people’s life since he was kid. He traveled a lot across Russia after his military service, but native lands took their own.

He is currently working as a driver on our routes. He has all the license categories and his total driving experience is 30 years. He worked a lot with large special transportation techniques and in cargo transportation. Therefore we are calm when he drives our off-road bus across Kamchatkan off-roads.



She is the first official whom you will meet when contacting our company. Vera helps you to organize the best tour to Kamchatka and can answer all of your questions about places, necessary equipments. We advise you listen to her recommendations.

She often travels with groups and is engaged in photography and video shooting during active tour.


He spent most of his childhood in Kamchatka. He fell in love forever with the meter high mountains of snow in winter and star-filled night sky in summer. He spent many days on hikes and took all of the most popular routes.

He currently lives in Saint-Petersburg. He is engaged in the development of the site and co-operation with partners. If you represent a travel agency and want to work with us, please contact him via e-mail: kamchatkaland@gmail.com


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