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Blue lakes of Kamchatka

Kamchatka - this amazing place (natural heritage) of  beauties, untouched by human hand. Everything you see on this peninsula was created by nature itself and wins the hearts of tourists coming here. One of the most favorite places of guests of the Kamchatka Peninsula is a cascade of blue lakes.

Here, at any time of the year walk single travelers or groups of curious tourists who just do not let the camera from his hands. Why? Everything is very simple! Beautiful nature, from which it is simply impossible to look away, plenty of secrets and mysteries from the past that are hiding in the forests, mountains, volcanoes, lakes ...


Blue Lake in Kamchatka - a monument of nature, which in all seasons, is in great demand, where you can absolutely free to go there –it’s a generous gift of nature. However, the most unforgettable views are opened when the glaciers begin to melt.

Also these reservoirs called turquoise because of their adorable bright blue shade. Cascade Lakes (of 3) are located at an altitude of 600 meters above sea level. They are located next to each other, thereby inflating the neighbors. In addition, it looks simply stunning. "Colored" lakes of the peninsula are just 20 kilometers from the Yelizovo, which is very much easy access to them for guests.

For somebody it may just lakes, but for Kamchadals - is the natural park of regional significance, for the cleanliness and safety of which they are struggling with special tenacity. The blue lakes of Kamchatka became known in 1960, when they were reached by the first explorers of the Soviet Union.


Nevertheless, why are they blue? Quite simply! Case in glaciers that are in the vicinity of the reservoirs and feeds them. Due to the crystal clear water of lakes and icicles within their bottom, the water literally lights up blue. Such ultramarine hue is achieved by refraction of sunlight.

When it is possible to observe such a phenomenon? If you are coming to the Peninsula for this "miracle", then you should buy a ticket and take a vacation in July - August, when the glaciers are melting. For example, on the Kamchatka Peninsula is also the turquoise lakes, which are not inferior in beauty discloses a natural monument.

FLORA of blue lakes

So what you can see or take pictures of blue lakes in the area? Why this area has become a place “must visit” for tourists who want to experience the world as it really is?

• Elfin cedar and alder.
• Plants Alpine meadows - iris, sedges, rhododendron and saxifrage.
• Entire lawn of buttercups.
• Many different flowers of amazing in its beauty.
• Protected species of orchids.
• Whole fields of blueberries and a lot of other things.

For flower lovers here there is always something for everyone!

FAUNA of azure lakes

It should be noted that fish in lakes, not at all, because they even in the hot summer the water temperature does not rise above 0. But do not despair! Here travelers often encounter "clumsy" because of blueberries and other delicacies. However, you have to be very careful and attentive in such meetings. Bear is a beast of prey and also very dangerous.


Is it difficult to get to the blue lakes of Kamchatka? It is impossible to answer unequivocally, yes or no. The fact is that the asphalt road ends about 10 km away. But then there are also pluses - during hiking trip along the forest trails you can observe the beauty of the flora and fauna of the Kamchatka Peninsula.

The route to the lake is very pleasant, from both the convenience and from the aesthetic pleasure. This nature trail is suitable for guests of Kamchatka movement of any gender, age and physical fitness. Length of forest roads is about 12-15 km.

The path can be easy to make in a single day, and it has provided the group will stop to photograph and to fully appreciate this or that phenomenon.

INTERESTING FACT about blue lakes

We all know these lakes called - blue, but the Kamchadals called their theVera (Faith), Nadezda (Hope) and Lubov(Love). They do not just respect them and care about them, they love them and honor. This is not surprising, even 1 time you visit this place, you are 100% share these feelings.


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