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Tours to Kamchatka in February: a snow fairy tale!


If you crave an unforgettable experience and a large amount of snow, then you should definitely go to Kamchatka in February. Why? It's pretty simple.

• First, the winters are harsh, and just the whole mountain of snow, literally.
• Second - many ski resort areas and trails where you can ride very well.
• Third - on the peninsula there is always something to see but snow and mountains - geysers, hot springs, ocean and more.

Tours to Kamchatka in February

Weather on the Kamchatka Peninsula in February

If we consider the winter in Kamchatka, then it is worth noting a month as February. During this period, here is just great. You are waiting for the snowy slopes and a variety of winter holidays during which you just do not have time to get bored. The temperature is kept at an average of about -15 - 20C. Heavy rains, snowstorms and blizzards. Many tourists like to choose the more southern part of the peninsula, as there are conditions for the rest more comfortable, but if you are not afraid of the harsh climate, the Kamchatka in February, you will just love!

From the side of travel agencies and fans bask in the sun, you can hear that in February - it's not a tourist month. However, avid travelers and fans of extreme sports will tell you that this is the right time to test yourself on stamina and courage to find your strength in skiing or snowboarding. The most desperate guests even go to multi-day hiking, skiing in the mountains and to the lower reaches of the volcano. They get just an incredible feeling and a memory for life.

Some features of tours to Kamchatka in February

Let's start with the fact that for safety as the guides and guests shortened the length of the tours and routes. The fact that the extreme cold, "not packed" snow and short daylight hours represent a real threat to life and health. At night, before reaching the destination, and even in the blizzard, you can get lost and stay there forever.

Movement across the territory Kamchatka spaces is carried out mainly by snowmobile, snowcat, helicopter. Skiing - it is the only way to pass a certain distance without undue problems, and these transitions occur over short distances. 

Also worth noting is that in the winter, especially in February, prices for tours greatly reduced, which seems strange to many. Do not be afraid. You should take advantage of the best moment to get affordable great vacation. Kamchatka in February - is the center of Russian extreme. Here you can always find a great way to tickle your nerves.

Weather in Kamchatka is not only severe, but also unpredictable. If in the morning you see sun, and you have a little warmed, it is not the fact that a couple of hours you would catch no surprise snowstorm or blizzard. Cyclones on the peninsula moved with great speed and in unexpected directions.

Activities in tours in February

If we talk about Kamchatka as a tourist destination, it is worth noting some of the most popular and sought after entertainments:

Ski multi-day hikes. In the way you can tell a few active volcanoes, lakes, rivers. Some tours even reach the Valley of Geysers.

Bathing in the hot springs at the base. The water is useful for the body skin and health in general.

Skiing and snowboarding. On the peninsula near the tourist centers there are plenty of cool slopes of high complexity and steepness. Here round winter and spring ride extreme athletes and fans who prefer the snow.

Dog sledding - is the national sport of the indigenous people. This vehicle is the foundation of their lives. You will be able to manage huskies, feel like a real Itelmens.

Tours by helicopter to the craters of the most famous and large volcanoes, geysers to the valley, to the Pacific Ocean. Of course, they are more expensive than on foot, but they will be remembered and you will have something to share, arrived home. Sometimes travelers are lucky, in their visit take place important events, such as volcanic eruptions.

If you want to explore the local features, then you should visit the Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. It has museums, bay, fish markets, souvenirs, welcoming locals.

Heli-ski - the so-called landing of a helicopter on a mountain slope. This trick is one of the most popular among adventurers around the world.

In February, fishermen also will not be without a pleasant and memorable experiences. What could be better than ice fishing on the lakes and rivers of the peninsula (Avachev, Fast, Paratunka et al.). Here there are a lot of fish.

Long outings and snowmobile tours, during which you will go to the foot of volcanoes, hot springs and frozen lakes.

Kamchatka is waiting for you!

If you find that your holiday fell on a cold February, do not worry. Choosing tours to Kamchatka in February, you'll be able to spend your most memorable vacation and get a new amazing experience.

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