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Heli-skiing in Kamchatka

Heli-ski - a way of skiing on untouched slopes away from civilization, where the ascent to top of descent by using a helicopter.

We can confidently say that the heli-skiing and heliboarding is the crown of all freeride. After all, with the help of a helicopter, you can reach the most remote corners, where for many kilometers around there is not a soul. Only your company, the mountains, the bright sun and the vast ocean of snow underfoot. And a sense of freedom. It is even more than snow.)

Heli-skiing in Kamchatka opens up many possibilities compared to the traditional skiing or backcountry. By the helicopter it can get to the most inaccessible places, where it is impossible to get other transportation. In addition, it is an excellent opportunity to see the natural attractions. You will visit the crater of the volcano; you will see that even in the winter continues to actively work of the land.

The rise of the slope does not deprive the last strength and during the descent can receive a maximum of pleasure, enjoying the soft snow, while the board slides on.

You will see the Kamchatka from the bird's flight. The terrain - snow-capped mountains, vast plains, and on the horizon never freezing the Pacific Ocean. All Kamchatka in your hand!

Another plus heli-skiing is a variety of places visited in a short period of time. You can ride on the slopes of the different volcanoes - Avachinskiy, Vilyuchinsky, Bakening to accomplish the descent to the Pacific Ocean and feel the salty taste of northern winds. You will feel the fullness and joy of life. And of course share it with your friends, this is the beautiful side of human communication!

At the end of the day is usually arranged bathing in hot springs in the open air. Such pools are arranged in almost all recreation centers in Kamchatka. The healing mineral water will return strength and prepare for new feats.

And who has not heard about the huge crabs, bright red caviar and fish? These delicacies are loved throughout Russia.

For transportation riders in Kamchatka use helicopters Mi-8T. It appreciated in many countries, not only in Russia. The reliability of the Mi-8T is determined by control system of the engine. In case of failure of one of them, automatically increasing the engine power to the other, thereby providing a rotor speed at a desired level. This makes the machine an ode to the most secure in the world, and many countries have stopped the choice on this model.

The cabin of the helicopter can carry up to 24 passengers seats on the side, or up to 4000 kg of cargo.

Pursuing heliskiing in Kamchatka, or in any other place, you have to be confident, not only in your riding (it should be average or above), but also to know at least the basic rules of behavior on the slopes, to understand the technique of avalanche danger and know how provide first aid.

Heliskiing sport is not for singles. At the very minimum it should be two people, and the best big company. In addition, it is so much fun, it's also safer, provided that everyone on the team comply with the rules. It is important to remember that each member of the team is responsible not only for themselves but also for those who are close.

Typically, with a group of riders in a heli-skiing in Kamchatka go two experienced instructors who will show and tell about the most interesting slopes. They have repeatedly visited these cirques, sidelines and know the characteristics of each slope, each mountain range. It is important to listen to all the advice the instructor and observe the rules. Everything is negotiated with each group. Just before the release can be practiced search skills man after an avalanche, for a teamwork in the case of emergencies.

With the rules of avalanche safety and the ability to provide first aid is available on the relevant courses. Their little, but still they exist.

Kamchatka will meet you with new emotions, warmth inhabitants of the peninsula and of course lots of snow!

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