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Tours to Kamchatka in January: where is born New Year


Winter - a time when many people are go on a journey to the hot beaches of Egypt, Turkey and other countries. The question remains: "Is this the only way to take a break from work and have positive emotions?". Of course not! At this time, as in any other season of the year, you can go to the roots of this pristine and pure nature - to Kamchatka.

The Kamchatka peninsula is one of the most popular places for our countrymen and foreign tourists. In January this place gives a chance to all fans for extreme and winter sports enthusiasts get a great vacation and adrenaline pumping for a long time.

Tours to Kamchatka in January

The January Kamchatka opens hug

Firs you should find out what the climate and conditions for tourism offers in the peninsula, because anyone who was going on tour to Kamchatka in January, it is necessary to know what he will face. Route depends on the weather and the opportunity to visit the sights.

January Kamchatka is considered the coldest month of winter. So, you are waiting for a serious test of a severe cold, snowstorm, blizzard, heavy precipitation.

Routes and tours are shortened or change direction, as the roads in some areas are simply inaccessible. This is done for the safety of guests and guides, because in such conditions is quite easy to get lost. In addition, the light day in January is very short, which reduces the time that you can spend on the road.

Many sights can be visited only by special vehicles: helicopter, snowcat, snowmobile, which in most cases makes the tour more expensive, and this point must also be taken into account when preparing the budget.

The average temperature on the Kamchatka Peninsula in the month kept within -20 and -30, which significantly for those travelers who are not accustomed to such conditions. Stays at this time of the year do not involve sleep in tent camps.

What tours await you in January?

As the first month of the year is very snowy, the attention of tourists who choose tours to Kamchatka, invited incredible number of winter activities, such as:

Snowboarding, skiing, sledding. In addition, the descent from the steep slopes - is fun for those who love the adrenaline racing and high speed. Kamchatka offers many different routes.

Tours dog sledding - is not only interesting, but also very extreme. You will be able to manage the dogs. The tour lasts about 1.5 - 2 hours. Price very reasonable. You can have a great time visiting with locals who breed laikas.

Climbing the mountain in January - that's the adrenaline and excellent photo and video memory. It is important to note that on the peninsula there is a sufficient number of routes, which are divided by level to the "simple", "medium" and "complex". You should adequately assess your capabilities.

Bathing in hot springs. Visiting of it included in many tours. What could be better than a dip in the warm and helpful for the body water, warmed by the power of volcanoes and geysers, imprisoned in the bowels of the earth?

One of the most amazing and beautiful places in Kamchatka - a Vilyuchinsky waterfall freezes in winter and pure iridescent blue. Incredibly beautiful sight and we recommend that you go there on a journey.

January - the beginning of the year on the Kamchatka Peninsula for you!

The January Kamchatka - it is an amazing place where nature surprises with its cleanliness, beauty and uniqueness. If you want to get new emotions and take a walk in the wilderness, then go to the peninsula.

Yes, it's a harsh period, but if you are strong in spirit, then all must come out, and tours to Kamchatka in January will be remembered only positives!

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