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Tours to Kamchatka in June: Welcome to summer!




Summer, sun, sea, sand, palm trees - tired? Do you want to extreme and something new (look at the amazing phenomenon of nature and touch to wild places)? Go somewhere far away is not necessary. Kamchatka - a place where everything remains the same as hundreds of years ago. Here, time stands still and gives us the opportunity to see something beautiful and quite unusual.

Tours to Kamchatka in June

Summer vacation you can spend really unforgettable. Tours to the Peninsula are inexpensive, but can offer you something amazing and unforgettable. Recently, not only our compatriots began to choose active and extreme sports, but even residents of foreign countries. Tours to Kamchatka in June - one of the most popular destinations around the world.

Kamchatka - a place where your dreams come true. It is an astonishing historical monument of nature that nobody has the right to change or spoil. law and world organization UNESCO oversee its safety.

The climate of Kamchatka in June

As Kamchatka - a place where all the seasons of the year are shifted and go on a short "program", it is worth noting that in June - it's almost spring, and, therefore, are dominated by a rather warm weather, rain, comes the melting of glaciers and snow, washed out roads. The temperature, on average, does not rise above + 10 ° C mark. Agree, do not correspond to our ideas about the hot summer? 

It is important to remember that the peninsula is divided into zones, each has its own conditions and characteristics of the weather. For example, in central and southern Kamchatka temperature is higher than in the north. There it reaches as much as 30 +35 C (at the mouth of the Kamchatka River).

When planning a vacation to the peninsula, and buying tours to Kamchatka in June, you should be more attentive to the moment of choice of destinations. It all depends on what goal you are pursuing. For example, if you go there with a desire to take pictures of animals that came out of hibernation, while warmer areas - this is what you need. If you want to meet local people (Itelmen, Koryak and other), then you should go deep into the Kamchatka Peninsula.

June is amazing that all the animals roam in search of food and a couple. Also animals are not frightened (not afraid of people), and thus you will have many chances to get great pictures on the memory.

Yes, some routes are very difficult, since the melting of snow and glaciers make the road impassable. Of course, it does not matter, you can always take a trip to the caldera or summit of the mountain by helicopter, but it will be a little more expensive than walking.

Entertainment in June

Now, let's look at a list of adventure and fun awaiting you on the Kamchatka Peninsula in the month of June. In this season, you can get a lot of different experiences. Here is a small list of suggested tours and excursions.

Fishing - this is one of the most popular summer adventures in Kamchatka. It annually attracts fishermen from all over the world in order to get the opportunity to catch huge fish and see the real "bite." The fact that the melting of snow always leads to filling the rivers and lakes, as they are "fed" to them. At this time, there is just a huge number of fish. In addition, it is worth noting that this entertainment is very cheap. Sometimes here on the peninsula, the official competitions are held.

Rafting - a true extreme sport. It is dangerous, interesting and raises the adrenaline the visitors just to the limit. Basically this tour is conducted on the river Bystraya (Fast), during which found plenty of rapids. Travelers are alloyed on it, and spend the night on its banks in different parts of Kamchatka. What can be better then clean air, splashes, field kitchen and sleeping in a tent?

Hiking tours to Kamchatka in June - it is very difficult, strained and multi-day "forced marches." They always run on certain routes so that tourists could see on the path many attractions and events available on the Kamchatka Peninsula. You will be able to visit several volcanoes and the Valley of geysers, hot springs, rivers and lakes, waterfalls, etc.

What about to join and get to know the locals, going to their village. There you will be able to see and take pictures of musical instruments, tools, weapons, etc. They'll always take with warmth and love.

There are special tours and travels in June with a visit to the Pacific coast. There you will meet with the inhabitants of the beach (sea otters, sea lions, seals). In addition, the black beach - a favorite place Kamchadals. Dark sand leaves in the soul of travelers just an indelible impression, bringing thoughts about volcanoes of the peninsula.

What does almost every tourist who arrives to the peninsula in June? That's right . To bathe in the hot springs. This is not only interesting and enjoyable, it is also useful. In them bubbling living force of nature.

When traveling, you can capture a variety of animals, birds, phenomena. Of particular importance is sending to the bird market, bear glades, beaches, volcanoes and geysers. Some places can only be reached by helicopter, and some - only on foot.

Also we recommend considering activities such as:

• Climbing the volcanoes.

• Mud baths in the lake Utinoye.

• Cruise to Cape Lopatka on a canoe.

• Excursion by yacht on the Pacific Ocean along the coast of Kamchatka.

Plan your vacation and tours to Kamchatka in June right so that you have the opportunity to fulfill your goals and get the feelings and impressions that are simply unavailable on the beaches of Europe.

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