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Ski resorts in Kamchatka

Kamchatka - a land of wild mountains, massive mountain ranges and majestic volcanoes. On the peninsula there are about 150 volcanoes, forty of them - active.

Kamchatka is a synonym of the richest recreational resources. During the past decade in Kamchatka is actively developing industry of adventure tourism. Ski resorts in Kamchatka beckon outdoor enthusiasts and fans of winter sports: skiers and snowboarders. It seems that the snow-covered slopes of the volcanic nature was created for ski downhill runs and spectacular scenery have been applied to this already generous gift as a bonus.

Mild winter and snow cover volcanoes in the summer create the preconditions for the organization of the ski year-round tourism. The only obstacle for sportsmen may be usual for Kamchatka cyclones, which usually occur in February and March and brings heavy snowfall and strong snowstorm.

It is not surprising that in recent years been an increase in the construction of ski resorts in Kamchatka. Among them are five tracks, its characteristics comply with the requirements of international standards.

Moroznaya (Frosty) Mountain - one of the most popular ski resorts of Kamchatka visited for recreation, training and competition in mountain sport. On Moroznaya equipped with two ski lifts that serve up five runs with different levels of complexity. Moroznaya it’s easy to conquer, and it seems the more stunning view from the top of the mountain, not clouded by fatigue and difficulty lifting. From the top of the mountain you will see the view of the nearby Koryak and Avacha volcanoes.

Moroznaya (Frosty) Mountain is a central ski resort in Kamchatka, here are held training of representatives of the Russian team. It’s not necessary to be as professional as eminent and titled sportsmen: there are trails for beginners, just embarked on the skiing and taking their first steps.

Ski resort "Krasnaya (Red) Sopka" is located in city boundaries of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. It’s the second most popular resort among locals and visitors. This is because, firstly, its accessibility and location and secondly, a stunning view that can be seen throughout the descent is almost a kilometer long.

The slope is oriented to the southwest, so from views of the Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky Petropavlovsk bay, the port and Avacha Bay surrounded by volcanoes, from coast to coast stretches its arms in front of visitors of base.

Many people have the illusion that if the slide down, then immediately fall into the sea. In "Krasnaya (Red) Sopka" is equipped with three lifts, two of them are drag lifts, one is rope. The difference in height is 300 meters, the highest point of - 418 meters. In urban areas there is another ski resort Kamchatka - "Edelweiss". It is situated on Petrovskaya Sopka.

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