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Vilyuchinsky waterfall

Vilyuchinsky waterfall in Kamchatka attracts many tourists, especially its accessibility. Getting to this point does not take much time and it’s easy. Waterfall is located on the slopes of a the volcano Viluchinsky, more precisely in the north-west.

Vilyuchinsky waterfall

By car you can drive up to the foot of the volcano, but to the falls you have to go on foot.

The first part of the road passes through the forest. But you will not get lost. This is a very popular place and the path is clearly visible. The forest has a dwarf birch and shrubs.

After we leave the forest road to the slope of the volcano. From this place is already heard the noise of falling from a height of 50 meters of water, and a foretaste of the spectacle grows even more.

Vilyuchinsky waterfall every year more and more sharpening its cliff, and the photos you can see that.

Falling down, the water breaks through the thick ice and is already runs underneath. The most courageous and foolhardy can go up to the edge and look into the abyss. But we do not recommend you to do it, after all, the fragile glacier.

Vilyuchinsky waterfall, falling down in the open, partially sprayed in the air does not reach the bottom. Spray certainly not strong, but the fly in the air tiny droplets. Near waterfall it seems to be quite high.

If you turn and look at the passed way, it seems that we have gone quite a bit. Although some moments you can feel the tiredness recovery. The view from this height opens colorful.

After a series of pictures, you can start the descent. It is much faster and more fun. Particularly lucky to those who took a sled.

Vilyuchinsky waterfall in winter freezes completely. In winter, the valley is a popular destination for skiers and snowboarders. Here are held various competitions.

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