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"Burnt by the sun": tours to Kamchatka in November!

We have become accustomed to the "standard" trip to Egypt, Turkey, Tunisia, Greece. Exotic countries have become publicly available, as once the Crimean coast. Tropical plants, infinitely high sky, solar heat, the majesty of the pyramids - all this has passed and it was so "bored" or something.

And what if you change the heat of the sun to boiling water of geysers, stone pyramids to the majestic volcanoes, warm water in the hotel reservation to rapid rivers with salmon jumps against the tide? Travel to Kamchatka in November may be the key to your life.


Have you decided yet? Then go to Kamchatka. I assure you that you will not regret. When? Yes, at any time, all year round you can find for yourself something interesting and exciting. Active lifestyle, snowy kingdom, volcanic passion ... Tours to Kamchatka in November - by the way, is also a great solution. This is a stable fall, by shifting "schedule" of seasons, so you can enjoy exploring the wonderful region in full.

Only here you will see nature in its original form: pristine, fragile and yet surprisingly powerful. At the entrance to Avacha Bay you meet "Three Brothers", the three rocks standing guard over the harbor, they are the first to greet the dawn.

What to see in November?

Good question. In fact, tours to Kamchatka in November - a very good time for a decision. It is difficult to make accurate predictions with regards to the weather, as here at its own peculiar life, but usually very comfortable, especially for active explorers of the world and the fans of "snow-ski 'entertainment, plus the opportunity to make friends with the dogs, who defiantly going to take you in harness , wagging their tails.

Maybe visited this place in late fall, you decide - to come back here for the New Year. Only let us give you advice. Tickets for the trip is worth buying in advance, because they quickly come to an end.

More than 150 volcanoes, some of which towers over the hills with their snow caps and smoking fumaroles surround the bay. If you are a romantic and want you to remember every spent on this peninsula a day, there is horseback riding, hiking to the tops of fire-breathing giants, numerous lakes - salmon spawning grounds, surrounded by thickets of honeysuckle and blueberries with bear tracks in multi-colored tundra with dwarf trees and thickets of cedar. And if you love extreme type of holiday, then rafting along the rivers, accompanied by fishing, Kamchatka fish soup and night around the campfire, you will remember for a long time.

Flying by helicopter to the Valley of Geysers, known to us in the film "Sannikov Land", as though you back into the past, was only beginning life on our planet. Everything here is unusual and majestic. Hot springs with mineral water, which involves a lot of legends, are scattered all over Kamchatka. They are perfect for a tired traveler could dip into them to wash away the fatigue by a life-giving water, and again in a way.

By the way, this land became the "muse" for such a great writer as Chekhov A.P. Contemporaries claimed that after a trip to Sakhalin and writing a book about it, Chekhov was never the same. It was like discovering something amazing, realizing that as before, will never be!

If you're still thinking, we invite you to watch the numerous photos and a video of the Kamchatka region, read our other publications. You will be unable come off, you will imagine and savor every minute spent on the peninsula, which in fact is an island, preserved originality aesthetics of Mother Nature untouched.

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