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Pauzhetka, Kamchatka

Pauzhetka is a small village located in the very south of Kamchatka, between the Sea of Okhotsk and Kuril Lake. It is not so easy to get there, given that it is hiding behind a complex terrain.

The Pauzhetka River

The village is situated on the bank of a small river of the same name, and its length is 25 km. The Pauzhetka River is filled mainly with snow. It originates from Kambalny volcano and then flows into the Ozernaya River. The Lednikoviy stream is the largest one flowing into it.

Pauzhetka Kamchatka Krai

The Village of Pauzhetka

The settlement consists of small panelized buildings, which are connected by an alley and a chain of lanterns that have been existed since the Soviet Union period. Nearby, there are wooden houses, and behind the tower, you can see Koshelev volcano and Kambalny ridge. Not far, there is a rivulet with a suspension bridge over it; thanks to the bridge, you can get to the other side.

Pauzhetka Village


There is not only a river of the same name but also a whole volcano near the village. Its height is slightly more than 1,300 meters, and it is extinct.

The village is famous mainly due to its geothermal power plant, which not only brings thermal electricity but also draws down the boiling water into the river bottom; the locals use it to grow vegetables.

geothermal power plant

On the territory of the village, there are heated greenhouses where thermal waters from the plant are supplied year-round. Due to year-round hot water, tomatoes, cabbage, potatoes, and other vegetables grow throughout the year. They say that the villagers were able to grow even a normal watermelon. Moreover, the hot water from the plant provides heating in the houses of the village. There are thermal pools for both local residents and tourists, as well.

Pauzhetka near kuril lake

The weather in Pauzhetka is peculiar. Snow lies until June; summer is quite short. However, the soil here is rich, what, in combination with the thermal waters from the GeoPP, gives excellent fruits.

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