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Tours to Kamchatka in autumn: time of grace!

More and more people with a pure heart prefer active recreation and tourism. Thanks to these holidays, they can get a huge amount of experience and learn about the world and nature is much more than just lying on the beach. Kamchatka Peninsula - is a unique place where, at any time of the year can be found, what to see and what to photograph, that remember for a lifetime, while maintaining the best experience for posterity.

It does not matter when you are going to Kamchatka. It always has something to offer you. Like any other time of year, autumn is gorgeous and amazing. It is thought that this time - very gracious to go on a trip! During this period, the Kamchatka filled with special colors and lovely even "primitive" views. Even if you have been here, fall on the peninsula will reveal new sensations and will not allow take your eyes off natural beauty.

That is why we recommend you to go to Kamchatka in autumn. They allow you to rethink the life on this planet, to understand the nature, really.

Oh, the beauty of autumn Kamchatka!

Already it’s getting noticeably cool in autumn, and at an altitude of 1000 meters there is fresh snow. Temperature range - from +5 to +20°C.

In autumn Peninsula looks in a special way: the snowy hills and peaks of the volcanoes, yellow carpet of fallen leaves, clear and fresh air, the sun warms a bit. All this is simply unimaginable.

The whole range of excursions generally takes one day, since because of the weather do not spend the night in the forest or desert. That's why you will be accommodated in a comfortable hotel with thermal springs.

Conditions of autumn tours as simple as possible. A man with any physical training will be able to make such  journey and rest. It is also important to note that in the autumn you will not disturb the insects (mosquitoes), which makes the stay even more pleasant and surprising.

Kamchatka - this is a very unpredictable place. It is worth knowing that a guide for security reasons guests can change the sequence of trips, however, it only makes tours to Kamchatka autumn calmer, and for tourists - adds confidence.

Pleasant acquaintance with autumn tours!

We have been aspire to to dispel the myth that you can go on vacation in the summer, talking about Kamchatka in its various guises.

Wide range of entertainment, and you will not get bored, even though summer is waved his hand to us, having gone for the winter in other region. Of course, even in this time of year there are guided tours and adventures for extreme. This is a standard list of tours in autumn Kamchatka:

  • • One-day outings to nearby volcanoes will not leave anyone indifferent.
    • Travel to the ocean by boat - is it not an exciting event that many are waiting for all their life?
    • Sightseeing volcanic rock "3 brothers" rookery, black sand beach - this is exactly worth to look and absorb every cell in your body all the impressions.
    • Visiting the island Starichkov where is the huge bird "population". Here you can see many types of birds, which nest on the island. Great pictures - is the main gift from Kamchatka

  • • Hot springs - there is no comment.

  • • Small Valley of Geysers beneath the volcano Muntovsky.
    • Excursion around the Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, glorious city with a rich history.
    • Rafting by rafts along the river Bystraya - this is again referring to the extreme sports ..

Fishing in the remote creeks and lakes where you will not be disturbed and do not frighten nibble. If you are a connoisseur of such activities, while tours to Kamchatka in the fall will help you realize all "fishing dreams." "Hunting" (fishing) on coho salmon - is the most famous entertainment in Kamchatka in the fall. You will be able to catch a huge and "elusive" fish. It is important that in this time of year there are a lot of them.

Visiting the fish market and souvenir shops - the sacred cause for every traveler.

The peninsula is covered with a special yellow-red carpet of leaves, which creates a perfect natural scenery for professional and amateur photographers. Many companies offer appropriate study tours.

Park "Nalychevo" another unique place to go on a trip. Let's just say it not for nothing included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.


our "tasteful." Visiting the berry fields where bears roam in search of food. At this time of year are great shrubs, and clearings attract not only for its lovely views, but also smells.

Let the fall of Kamchatka to your heart!

If you want to "break" the standard related to the fall of its slush and lifeless, then you should go to Kamchatka. Here you will be able to know this time of year on the other side of the beautiful. Peninsula will reveal new kinds of wonderful and diverse palette of colors.

Select Kamchatka tours in the fall and make sure the foregoing personally.

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