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Tours to Kamchatka in July: the "heart" of the summer!

Hot July! You can go in the hot country to the the seas and oceans, but you can qualitatively change your plans and to experience something special and unique - make a trip to Kamchatka.

Today more and more becoming popular travel, excursions on a clean, pristine and untouched nature, extreme sports, not created by man but the land itself and time. Here, on the peninsula, await you these impressions and emotions that are quite simply nowhere else on earth do not get it. Flora, fauna, fish fauna of this place is simply mesmerizing.

Tours to Kamchatka in July

Climatic conditions

Let's look at what are the conditions we expect in July in Kamchatka. Let's start with the fact that the average temperature on the peninsula reaches 11 - +15°C, which is very nice and comfortable. Heat, sun and thirst will not torment you along the way.

If you divide Kamchatka into zones, the July - is the hottest and favorable month for tourism in the central part. There you can spend a fantastic holiday and to forget about the bustle of the city. 

Traditionally, the summer weather is unpredictable on the peninsula. In the morning it’s sun, but in 3-4 hours you are exposed to rain, but it is not a problem, because it is warm and even pleasant. It is worth noting that the prices for tours to Kamchatka in July and the summer as a whole is always more expensive due to the fact that at this time is the most comfortable and pleasant environment for tourism.

Adventures in Kamchatka

Tours to Kamchatka in July is incredibly intense, so everyone can pick up your comfortable entertainment format:

Bathing in thermal hot springs and sources. Of course, almost every base has similar pools, but visiting the natural creek is incomparable to anything else. This is helpful and pleasant. In some of them you can even cook potatoes or eggs. Some of your friends can boast?

Hikes to volcanoes, valley of geysers, the valley of death, cliffs, black beaches of the Pacific Ocean. At the time of this tour you will be able to visit in one week a huge amount sights in Kamchatka. On the way you will spend the night in tent camps set by the group, to cook in the field kitchens, watch sunsets and sunrises from the cliffs and mountains. In addition, visits to rivers, lakes and waterfalls - it's part of your unforgettable adventure.

Fishing. It can be as an amateur and a professional. In the summer months on the peninsula even sporting events are held, involving people not only with Russia, but even from abroad. In July, here in rivers and lakes simply unprecedented amount of fish.

Settlements Itelmen and Koryak. Indeed, it is interesting how these ancient people lived. Their culture is developing, but a completely different way. Here you will find a variety of tools, musical instruments, clothing, etc.

Tours to Kamchatka in July for taking pictures. If you are interested in photography, then you should contact the experts and find the most optimum alternative of excursion to the peninsula.

The fact that for this kind of vacation you should choose the right route. On the way you will be able to see precisely those place where gather for "picnic" all animals (berry glades, beaches, etc.). If you are interested in photos of the volcano and the valley close-up, then the helicopter - it's a great solution, but the pleasure will be more expensive.

Rafting along the river Bystraya(Fast) - the most popular among the "guests".

Sea Adventure by yacht along the Pacific Ocean.

Visiting of caves, climbing rocks and other things.

Choosing a tour in July

Before you go on a trip to Kamchatka you should precisely define the goals of your visit. Depending on what you want to see and what places to visit, will depend not only the route, but also the cost of the tour.

One thing is certain, that vacation on the peninsula will be an unforgettable and important event in the life. Do not believe? Then ask those who have already been there.

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