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Winter Kamchatka: beauty, worthy of the brush of the artist!

Do you want to visit the most unique place on the planet, which is called the edge of the world, to see how the arises new day and the first in the world to meet the sunrise on the Pacific coast, walk along the black sand, feel the smell of fog, wild herbs and experience the grandeur of the mightiest volcanoes of Earth?

Then welcome to Kamchatka! Rate her beauty and charm can only true romantics, adventurers, lovers of vivid impressions and travelers with a capital letter. Thousands of tourists, led by a variety of dreams, every year come to Kamchatka to experience pristine nature and recognize themselves as part of the universe, to understand what is harmony, and see the most stunning bays and incredible natural phenomenon, which is protected by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

When it is time of snow and frost, this land is changing. Winter Kamchatka - a majestic sight, it is what we offer to meet in this article, however, to ensure that you have entered into the taste, a bit of information about this region will be very useful!

Winter Kamchatka

The first acquaintance with winter Kamchatka

In its largest Kamchatka region surpasses many European countries - Italy, the UK, Sweden, Finland. But not only this area of Kamchatka attractive. Its main asset - natural sights that are not found in any other part of the world. Only on the Kamchatka Peninsula can be found 28 "live" volcanoes, not only cold but also hot (thermal) springs.

If you really want to get the maximum impressions of this wonderful corner of the world, be sure to visit the Nature Park "Nalychevo" - a fabulous location in the valley Nalycheva river, surrounded on all sides, like a shield, by whole set of extinct volcanoes and Avachinskaya Dzendzur-Zhupanovsky groups. But to plunge into color of the ancient customs of local indigenous tribes of Koryak, Evens, Chukchi it’s possible when visiting another natural complex - "Bystrinsky", which is located near the village of Esso.

Separately stay in the park "Klyuchevskoy", which is protected by UNESCO. It is a place of absolute domination of nature. Numerous glaciers, the 13 largest volcanoes in the world, the highest of which - the active volcano Klyuchevskoy (or, as it is called, Kluchevskaya sopka), considered the largest in the whole of Eurasia.

And another world heritage worth seeing - a natural park "South Kamchatka", where the main goals for impressions will become a huge crater of the volcano Mutnovsky and thermal springs - Khodutkinskiye  and Ksudachinskie.

In general, the area of Kamchatka - one huge nature reserve. After all, only there is located one of the wonders of the world - the Valley of Geysers, the world spawning sockeye salmon - Lake Kuril, but there can be observed in nature for the owner of Kamchatka - the brown bear, is considered the largest in the world, and make a water tour of the most beautiful harbors in the world - Avacha Bay.

At any time, here you will find inspiration, but in winter you get to know the soul of the land, its history and many secrets ... So, get acquainted, winter Kamchatka!

When comes the time of the Snow Queen!

Sometimes it may seem that it is here, on the territory of Kamchatka is located, hidden from everyone, the castle of the Snow Queen.

The untouched nature of the region it’s incomparably beautiful views and open spaces, as well as a kind of fragility that has remained immutable since those ancient times the appearance of the earliest inhabitants.

Winter Kamchatka - a unique charm: the snow-capped peaks and steaming volcano, geysers and hot springs, famous for its hot mineral water! Tourists love these places are not in vain.

Everything is there for a rebellious soul - capricious nature, extreme descent from the mountains on skis or simply multi-day ski trips. However, quite wrong - it is almost all that can say about the Kamchatka ordinary Russian, which has never been there. It’s cliché. Actually in the winter you can discover the magic secret.

Actually, now the Kamchatka became a mystery, legend, fairy-tale edge of the earth, where no one who can reach. The most interesting is that it was in the winter of ticket prices falling rapidly, but there is no trick here, because it is rather a unique gift. There is what to do and what to see, and you will see for yourself, if you read to the end of this article!

Winter Kamchatka and its incredible features

Certainly, one of the main features of the land - is the number of famous volcanoes. Should it be reminded that here there are even so-called "home" items from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. You will immediately see them, because they are very close to the airport. Exclusive starts immediately. Here what it is, Kamchatka greeting.

By the way, winter Kamchatka is called as territory of adventure tourism for fan of adventures. Yes, nowhere else on earth will you find such freedom and such a space for imagination in the choice of format of recreation:

• You can go dogsledding with magnificent our smaller friends who are willing to carry you, where do you want.
• Here you can truly passionate freeride from dangerous volcanic slopes, when the blood boils in your veins.
• Now it has become a popular and heli-skiing, that is landing directly from the helicopter on any mountain slope that you only choose!

Listing is very long. This land is all at your disposal, however, it is still distinctive and none of the people are not ready to obey. That’s why Kamchatka winter attracts, because it is - a worthy "opponent"! Here you will need and sincere respect, even awe, knowledge and interest.

The friendship with the volcanoes ...

People are afraid of volcanoes. But as soon as you arrive in Kamchatka, you forget about the fear, you will come to the indescribable delight!

Volcanic tourism - one of the most promising and beautiful destinations, giving food for reflection. In Kamchatka there are about 1,000 volcanoes, among them you will not find two identical. They are individual with their craters, nature and conditions!

Each volcano - without exaggeration, full and living organism. It not only is able to change itself, but also changes all around him. Of course, they are dangerous, and sometimes harsh, but if you peer, you can see and the beauty.

This defiance fascinates, but that is why it should be treated with caution and respect. Just imagine, somewhere under the snow hiding the fire. Ice and Flame merge. Is that possible? Yes, in winter Kamchatka anything can happen!

A paradise for skiers!

Very skiers love this place, and it is quite fair, because the conditions for them - just perfect! Snow is here, shimmering in the sun for a long time, to be more precise, it is from December to June.

Among the most popular and demanded slopes, also perfectly equipped, is called the mountain Frosty. Oh, and the name of it is beautiful! Now there are high-quality lifts, snow cannons.

Masters also understands that the unique feature "highlight" of Kamchatka's just the lack of infrastructure too, it is possible to merge with nature, riding with a completely undeveloped slopes of volcanoes, of which there are lots of.

We can not forget about avalanches, as they Kamchatka and winter - an integral concept. Fortunately, there is always a talented and experienced guides who know exactly what it is, can correctly assess the current state of the snow, in order to minimize the risk for freeride and heli-skiers!

The mountains in winter - a beautiful picture, however, we consider it our duty to warn you that, if you decide to go there, it is a mandatory rule - registration group in the MOE, plus the selection of a competent instructor. If everything is done according to the rules, then you will fully justify expectations, fall in love with the Kamchatka Peninsula, and this feeling is mutual!


Very often you can find publications that do not reflect the real state of things that are happening in the winter in Kamchatka. The fact is that there is no need to embellish something, all the "essence" of precisely such "recklessness." 

No, it does not "severe" time, however, it could be described as challenging! Kamchadals to such weather, the climate in the 100% accustomed to, but the newcomers are not always immediately "catch the wave"! Agree, there is another snow-covered world, someone could even compare it to the post-apocalyptic - so here quietly and freely! Just imagine: sometimes for only 1 night can grow so huge snow banks that they will exceed in size 2-storeyed house! Here's a surprise of winter Kamchatka! It is not always possible to believe, but it is so.

Winter weather is unpredictable. Many tourists try to track forecasts, but the whole point is that you can not rely on the information from the Internet, on the recommendation of Hydrometeorological. Why? Because Kamchatka doesn’t care what they say. Absolutely! The network can promise that the next day planned a wonderful clear weather, but here it is morning and capricious "girl" has decided to cry torrential rain or snow prickly!

However, is it possible for that offense to Kamchatka, because on one hand it has the ocean on the other hand tenderly lurking Sea of Okhotsk. Here you have to stir with the winds, because is difficult to understand which of them will be honored today!

Meteorologists can accurately predict that somewhere originated cyclone, for example, in Japan. It seems to be moving here, but when it will be here, whether in general - about this you exactly no one will tell ...

Plus, in different parts of Kamchatka could be completely different weather. In Petropavlovsk - clear and sunny, and at the foot of Avacha - a real blizzard! However, it is not just winter "freaks", but as we have already noted, it is necessary to understand this land, which are many centuries used to live by their own rules and set them, we, the guests, they have only to take!

Surely, you will be interested to learn about the most demanded and popular snowmobile trails. This is quite fair. Trips to Nalychevskie hot springs beat all records!

Come on Kamchatka – you will not regret!

You probably are one of those who loves to travel and discover new places of our home planet Earth, if you are interested in winter Kamchatka, this wonderful world! Yes, yes, the world, because the Peninsula keeps a great many secrets the unusual nature, people and culture.

However, it does not matter what time of year you come here, because the region is open to you if you come there with a pure heart! Summer, autumn, spring, winter Kamchatka truly rich in both natural resources and aesthetic, able to satisfy your interest, both amateurs and true gourmet of wildlife.

Anyone can confirm that, who has been to these distant lands. This is truly a grand spectacle when the sun rises over the volcanoes, generously put its rays on the cold ground, giving its warm and energy to all its inhabitants of the land - Kamchatka.

Ocean washes the shores of the peninsula, gives a truly vast resources of the underwater world. Crabs, scallops, fish, squid can be found in abundance in the local markets. Fans of mountain heights can easily find a top to taste and conquer it, and fishermen - to go ice fishing.

Well, if you do not really want a thrill, you can visit the local towns and their historical values, as well as plunge into the hot springs, which are not too far from towns.

Actually if ever you will have the great opportunity - to visit the Kamchatka region, then agree immediately, otherwise you will miss an amazing opportunity to see the world through different eyes. And you certainly will return there, and Kamchatka will always be glad to see you again.

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