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Tours to Kamchatka in summer: friendly bliss!

We all know that the summer - it's hot, the sun, beach, sand, sunglasses and jandals. That's the question - "How to change your summer vacation beyond recognition?". Everything is very simple! Go to the Kamchatka peninsula. They can help you change the world "upside down." In the warm season is just great, and tours to Kamchatka in the summer of steady demand.

Summer foreword

At this season of the year here everything blooms and becomes friendly and affectionate. The air is filled with wonderful smells and local sights are open and accessible to the full. You can easily go to multy-day walking tour, without fear for the health. That is why at this time is the biggest influx of tourists.

Of course, each of them has its purpose. Someone wants to  take unique photos, someone wants excellent fishing, someone wants to see a brown bears, well, someone wants to bring in his summer a bit of winter freshness and goes to the tops of mountains and volcanoes, to ride a snowboard. Each guest choosing his tours in the summer, can get not only a full-fledged vacation, but amazing adventure full of different emotions, happiness and fun.

Summer! Kamchatka! Beauty!

The climate of Kamchatka is very unstable, which leads to the fact that the tourists find themselves in a quandary. That is why you should remember: gumboots, and rainwear - these are the main attributes that you need to have visiting the peninsula.

Frequent fogs enveloping almost the entire Kamchatka, which creates excellent conditions for the photo shoot. Temperature conditions of the area is quite amazing. In the center of the peninsula, air may warm up to 37 C, and at the coast you will find only 10°C.

The warmest months - August and July. If you like to bask in the sun without harm to the skin, then travel to the Kamchatka Peninsula will help you with this. Terms and conditions for tourism here is very, very favorable at this time of year.

One of the important negative factors in the summer in Kamchatka are insects that are activated in the rainy season. In no case do not forget about insect protection. However, such details are not doing tours to Kamchatka in the summer less appealing.

"Hot" Summer Kamchatka tours

So the decision was made. You are going for the trip! We propose to consider a list of the best tours to the island in summer:

Fishing - one of the most popular entertainment in the summer on the peninsula. During this period, a lot of local fish simply "crazy." They go by the huge shoals along the rivers or nar the coast of lakes, enticing fishermen from around the world.

Every year it attracts crowds of tourists, and not only from Russia, to enjoy real fishing. There is even a special 4-day fishing tours. The award - trout, rainbow trout and salmon.

Skiing and snowboarding from slopes of a mountain - it's a real tradition. Who said that this winter fun?
Rafting down the river by canoe or raft.

Visiting active volcanoes, in order to understand all of their power, to see with your own eyes the greatness.

Diving will reveal the sacrament of the depths.

Rock climbing for those who are used to fight his fear.

Multi-day tours in the surrounding area of the Kronotsky Nature Reserve.

Bathing in thermal and mineral springs - is not only exciting, but also beneficial to health.

Visiting the rookery and places where marine animals lie - this journey would be for you a source of inspiration for a long time.

Valley of Geysers. You can even go to the cafe, which is located on the territory of the valley, which is very cool and unusual.

Photo tours to bear meadow. The main character and star of the TV show called "Kamchatka" is the brown bear. Every day is made here about 1 000 photos. Bears, despite the crowds, feel relaxed, fun, easy, in general, as the host. That is why you can get a photo masterpiece with them participation.

Helicopter tour.

Dinner around the campfire - a good old fun of travel and tours to Kamchatka in the summer are very good for it.

Outing on a boat deep into the Pacific Ocean - another great solution. Visiting the beach with black volcanic sand - it's a hit.

Shopping in the souvenir shops, and a visit to the bazaar with exotic dishes and products to help you solve the problem with presents for relatives and friends.

The descent into the cave.

Journey to the "dead wood".

Visiting local villages. Familiarity with their originality and interesting rituals. You can buy wonderful things, or tools.

Kamchatka summer symphony of entertainment

If your vacation came in the summer, and you are tired of beaches and resorts, and you want to see wildlife in all its glory, then tours to Kamchatka in the summer - is the best that you can get a gift.

You can enjoy the extreme outdoor activities, or quiet fishing alone, and even climb to the top of an active volcano and see in the eyes of element. Summer Kamchatka - this amazing nature, combined with interesting and exciting activities. Give yourself an unforgettable holiday!

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