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Tours to Kamchatka in spring: the awakening of untouched land!

Kamchatka - is an unique and wonderful land. It amazes with its determination, and beauty of these places. Many travelers exclaim: "It seems to be a harsh land, but fall in love with, and how fascinating!"

If you are tired of boring and hot tours to the sea, then you should definitely come here. The peninsula is popular among those people who love outdoor activities and extreme sports.

Tourists come here at any time of the year, including the spring, which is not quite as used to understand the modern man, but that Kamchatka doesn’t lose its appeal!

In this article we will look at tours to Kamchatka in spring! What is attractive this time of year and which offers there are. After reading these guidelines and tips, you will be able to choose the best option on the peninsula and the rest wish list of excursions.

Tours to Kamchatka in spring

When spring comes in Kamchatka?

If we talk about the spring in the usual understanding, calendar, then it comes, of course, in March, but Kamchatka, given its geographical location, does not tire of surprises. Here, the spring reaches its "destination" only in May.

At the beginning of the season in the entire peninsula is still a severe winter (cold, blizzard, wind, precipitation, etc.). Mid-spring is characterized by the following parameters: a lot of snow, it’s pretty warm, the temperature of the day +3, +8°C and at night -10°C.

Starting from the middle to the end of the season - this is the perfect time for activities such as skiing, snowboarding, sledding, hiking and others. At this time of year, you can often find skiers dressed very easy with happy faces. At this time, you can enjoy snow sports without such "nasty" feeling like: cold, freezing, stiffness of limbs, and many others.

Your extreme spring

Spring in Kamchatka - it's still a great time when you can get a lot of impressions and emotions almost "from all sides". What does it mean? The fact that this period is also the season of awakening the animals, which are head for glades in order to feast on sweet grass, berries, get some fresh warm air and find a mate.

Many travelers buy tours to Kamchatka in spring in order to watch and take pictures of animals and observe their customs and habits. Every day here made hundreds of unique pictures that cannot be viewed without admiration.

What expect of spring travel to Kamchatka?

List of tours and travels in spring in Kamchatka is great and various, as noted above. The fact that the earth is still snow, and outdoors it’s warm and cozy. That's why you will be able to pick out the best tour, based on your preferences.

So what would you have chosen?

You can visit the villages of indigenous people. Here there are 3 (Koryak, Itelmen, Evens). Each of them can offer you a familiarity with their unique national rituals, food, entertainment, musical instruments, etc. You will be able to see their way of life closely, to understand how to live in this area.

Visiting a reindeer farm. Reindeer - is not only a "pet" of Santa Claus is also a friend of the local people. Of course, it has many "ways to use”: riding, food, clothing, as many homes of Itelmens covered with reindeer skins. This animal is simply irreplaceable in the home of locals.

Riding a dog sled - it's one of the most popular adventures for tourists. This sport is very popular around the world. Besides, what could be better than to look at intelligent eyes of Kamchatka huskies? The tour usually includes visiting the kennel and riding a dog sled to remote steppe.

Many people prefer to take a look at the water surface of the Pacific Ocean and the inhabitants of its southern shores: there you are waited for sea lions, sea lion, seals and birds that come here to feed and rest. By the way, in Kamchatka there is one unique beach. It is famous for the fact that all the sand is pure black, that is connected with the fact that he is close to active volcanoes that once erupted violently.

The following types of activities related to the "spring" snow of the peninsula, you might also be interested. This is ski, snowboard, sled, snowmobile. You can ride on all of this "transport" or you can take a trip. During the tour you can visit sights such as volcanoes and the Valley of geysers, lakes and rivers, waterfalls and cliffs, hot springs, berry fields, and much more.

Bathing in hot springs - is an event that tourists visiting Kamchatka region that never miss. This is the cornerstone. What could be better than a dip in hot water, when the outside is cold? Especially they are useful for the body and soul.

Brown bear - a symbol of Kamchatka. There is a huge amount of bears. This spring, they go out from their lairs to look for food and a couple. At this time of the year, you can watch them just hundreds. They roam safely in their territories. It is important to remember only one main rule - do not approach them, as they can become aggressive.

You can visit attractions such as the Valley of Geysers, Kronotsky Volcano, Volcano of Love, Death Valley and more. Here you will not only get great pictures for the memory, but also a lot of pleasure and positive emotions.

​"Spring" equipment for Kamchatka

As in any other season of the year in Kamchatka, in the spring it requires special equipment. It will help you avoid some of the problems and the occasional unpleasant incidents. Here is a list of the essentials:

  • • Clothing, hats, gloves and warm shoes. At night still cold, and the presence of snow makes us to dress warmly.
  • • Sunglasses that will protect from the sun and blinding snow.
  • • Waterproof jacket and trousers.
  • • Swimsuit or swimming trunks for swimming in the hot springs in the open air.
  • • List of standard documents, which also should pack for a trip.
  • • Sunblock.
  • • Personal medicines.

"Spring" Kamchatka - a paradise on earth!

If you decide to visit the pristine natural places and spend your holidays actively, then tours for Kamchatka in the spring - a perfect solution. This "way" is chosen by thousands of people from around the world. Our compatriots increasingly try to get to untouched nature. Join!

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