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Tours to Kamchatka in October: the autumn in a fabulous beauty!

It was told a lot about Kamchatka, but how much more to discover and learn! It’s great spot on earth, almost separated from the mainland, forcing your heart beat faster at any time of year. It is necessary to say a few words about the features of tours to Kamchatka in October – it’s a truly magical time! Prepare suitcase for sensations!

And there will be a lot of sensations! There is everything that a fan of active recreation could wish: beautiful scenery, the place for adventure sports (mountain slopes, wild rivers with rapids, big snowcaps on the hills, the Pacific Ocean, an abundance of living creatures and vegetation).

As a guest of the Kamchatka Peninsula, you will have the opportunity to relax, get a charge of positive energy at any the time of year and your wishes. An adventure like that many tourists and local residents call - "Journey to the Center of the Earth." Bravely, but truthfully. The uniqueness of the land is protected by not only law, UNESCO and the international community, but also the residents of Kamchatka (animals and settlers).

Autumn Kamchatka - a wonderful place, which puts on a yellow-red carpet of leaves, and in air you can feel aroma with a touch of fallen leaves and wilting flowers. If you like photography, then you just not leave without great photos.

Kamchatka in October, and its features!

Now, we offer to get to know what the weather will wait for you when you visit the peninsula. To what should you prepare?

Average indices of air temperature - from + 2C to + 7C. Don’t forget that, depending on part of Kamchatka (central, north or south) you will find a temperate, cold or hot climate, according to local criteria. Sometimes this "world" surprises. For example, in the early 20th century there was registered a very low temperature (-8C). Practically always, warm and waterproof clothing and footwear - are your best companions.

The nights are noticeably cold, because of it long walks was canceled (tours to Kamchatka in October), spending the night in the open steppe.

In this month is dominated frosts and it snows, but from the words of the locals – it’s early for ski season. The fact that the snow cover is still thin, and snow may not fall, so you can be without your favorite activities.

Tours to Kamchatka in October a bit limited, as there is no opportunity to visit some of the sights easily, traveling light and cost-effectively. However, this in no way does not mean that now there is nothing to do on the peninsula. Familiarity with amazing area of land cannot be less active than at other times of the year.

Tours to Kamchatka in October: what are they?

So, you will not be bored, because the variety of tours is truly impressive!

Horse rides. In general, this kind of movement in the autumn is one of the most reliable, exciting and comfortable. In this way, you can get to the treasured natural places and events. These tours are available and highly affordable to guests.

Fishing - the main fun and entertainment on the Kamchatka Peninsula, and at any time of the year. It differs only catch. In October you will find fishing for char. you are guaranteed a "rich" catch! Buckets full of fish - a great trophy. Rafting on the river Bystraya (Fast) - a journey for those who are not afraid of rapids, whirlpools, danger, splashing, as well as songs around the campfire and tasty barbecue cooked on the shore by your own.

Climbing the mountains and volcanoes noticeable hampered, but for those who are not burdened by disease or infirmity - this tour will be even more interesting and exciting, and of course the extreme. Walking Tours in Kamchatka are slightly shorter, because it’s not possible to visit some sights. The length and complexity of this tour are reduced.

Walking around Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky includes visiting to local sights, the bazaar, the art gallery dedicated to the heroes of Kamchatka, the port and much more.

Valley of Geysers - "Queen" of tourism in Kamchatka. Annually thousands of people come here to look at it from around the world. In addition, it is still being studied by scientists and volcanologists. Visiting is mainly done by helicopter because of the fact that the valley is in the depths of the peninsula and is surrounded by forests.

Visiting the hot springs, swimming in them - this is not only interesting, but also healthy!

You can visit the fish market and souvenir shops where you can buy a lot of interesting, delicious and beautiful things. This part of the journey is very important, both for tourists and for local traders. During the entire existence of tourism on the peninsula, as yet none of the guest did not abandon this pleasure.

Photography in this month is amazing and unusual. The color palette is so diverse and beautiful!

You can go to the villages of local residents. There you will become more familiar with their way of life, handicrafts and customs. There is also an excellent opportunity to buy something interesting and surprising.

Visiting bear trails and places of feeding (lake, river, lawns).

A boat trip on the Pacific Ocean.

Why do not visit the beach with black volcanic sand and rookery?

His Majesty October!

Tours to Kamchatka in October are practically no different from the summer one. The only thing is that the weather conditions are a little bit tougher and walking on the peninsula becomes more difficult. Based on this and your ability (physical) you should plan your vacation and travel.

The most important thing, and even pleasant: do not forget that this season the prices for trips to the Kamchatka peninsula is significantly lower and more enjoyable. It’s substantial savings on vacation, which maybe you call the best in my life!

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