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Travel and tours to Kamchatka in March: Meeting of spring!



Kamchatka Peninsula - it is an amazing place. It "contrives" to impress his guests at any time of the year. Every month crowds of tourists come here that wanted to admire the beauty and unique phenomena. Of course, it is worth remembering that, depending on your wishes (what would you want to watch and how to please yourself) will depend on the route of travel, and a tour of the year.

In this article we will look at the unique features of Kamchatka in March when, in theory, the land must awaken from its winter sleep and know that it is ready to offer us in this period.

Winterly Spring?

Firstly, it is worth noting that in March on the peninsula is not like we are used to seeing. Of course, it goes to the spring, but the old-timers openly declare that it is still a real winter, and they are right.

The fact that there is a monsoon climate, this means that spring is late. At this time of the year, are dominated by cold weather, wind, however, the temperature is not too low, of the order of -5 - -10°C.

Does this mean that it is necessary to cancel the trip? In no case! If you are fond of snow and "cold" extreme adventures, then the choice is optimal. At this time there is not as cold as in winter, but not warm enough to melt the snow. So put on skis and - go on a tour of "March" Kamchatka.

 tours to Kamchatka in March

Tours to Kamchatka in March, why are they attractive?

This season generously filled with various exciting tours, through which travelers from all over the world get here an incredible amount of positive emotions and happiness. "Warm Winter" - so you can characterize the weather in Kamchatka in this month.

Let's look a little closer the most exciting and interesting adventure:

This time of year is good to visit the Itelmen camp. Here you can enough close acquainted with the life, rituals and national characteristics of this beautiful nation. These settlements can be seen homes on top covered with reindeer skins, bizarre musical instruments, weapons and more. A great chance - to understand the soul of the people of this beautiful land!

Also, a lot of impressions you will get visiting the beaches of ocean  and contrasting views  of black-sand and white snow. Its color - a hot stamp of element - a volcanic eruption that occurred many years ago.

You can meet with professional reindeer herders engaged in this trade for several generations. You can learn some of the secrets of success of such a productive and skilled livestock. The most famous farms are located in the villages Esso and Anavgay.

 It is also perfect solution would be a wish to ride on a dog sled on wild expanses of Kamchatka. Such an amazing trip to last a very long time in the soul and leave a huge footprint. Did you know that in March, just held Beringia - race on the sled, listed in the Guinness Book of Records. For more information about the racefind in our article "Beringia in Kamchatka."

It is also the perfect solution would be to ride on a dog sled on wild expanses of Kamchatka. Such an amazing trip will take a long time and will impress you. Do you know that in March Beringia is held. This race on the sled is listed in the Guinness Book of Records. For more information about the race you can find in our article "Beringia in Kamchatka".

One of the favorite adventure of tourists coming to travel to Kamchatka in March, is a snowmobile tour. It includes visits to several important sights of the peninsula.

Of course, as in any other mountains of Europe, there is a very popular extreme skiing and snowboarding. Some hills just shake you  by their "coolness" and complexity. There are several different routes. However, many tourists like the quiet walks on skis marching deep into the nature of Kamchatka during which you can see many rare animals that are waiting for the arrival of spring.

Large popular in this season are the hot springs, where all groups of travelers come to "warm up". There is always gather in the early spring, local rodents for food. The fact is that thanks to the warm springs, snow melts quickly and the first spring grass grows up.

How about to watch the sea lions wintering on the peninsula, where every year they come for "a better life"?

In short, you will not be bored. After all, spring - it is spring and the awakening from sleep is felt. One has only peer or listen!

Safety in March in Kamchatka

In this section, we will look at a few important points:

The behavior during the tour - do not move away from the group, always comply with the conditions of stay, listen to the guide. Still, winter still rules the world, and the snow can be tricky.

It is necessary to prepare for the trip to Kamchatka. The cold and snow travelers dictate some rules, such as the choice of the "right" clothes. You need to take with you things like: warm outdoor clothing, gloves, sunglasses (from the blinding snow) and more.

Many routes during cold weather shortened by time that protects travelers against accidents and illnesses. Also, access to some attractions becomes possible only by helicopter. You must consider this information.

As a resume of March

If it so happened that your vacation will be in March, do not worry. At this time, the Kamchatka will take you into its snowy and warm embrace.

You can fill your list of adventures and emotions with unique experiences and amazing stories that will tell your friends and family, getting enormous pleasure from traveling.


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